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14th Isfahan International Festival for Children

11 Juillet 2007 , Rédigé par Asbl Théâtre Universitaire Royal de Liège Publié dans #Hors-TURLg

We are pleased to inform you that the Dramatic Arts Center of Iran and
IRAN-ITI will hold the 14th Isfahan International Festival for Children
and Young Adults from 28th October to 2nd of November 2007, as to
promote the theater for children and young adults and familiarize the
young generation with the new national and international productions in
this field.. 
We highly appreciate it if you could kindly support our event and
inform the theater troupes and festival directors of your country about
our Festival. The applications should reach our office by the end of
August 2007 and then The Selection Committee of our festival will
announce the invited international guest performances through
international affairs office of Dramatic Arts Center by Mid-September.
 You are requested to inform the theater troupes, interested in
participating in our festival, to include the followings in their

1) A synopsis of the play in English
2) The director and playwright's CV
3) The least number of the troupe (including actors, technicians, etc)
4) Screener tape/ DVD of the performance
5) Flyers and photos of the performance
6) Duration of the play

The information should be mailed to the following address.

Dramatic Arts Center of Iran
International Affairs Office,
Vahdat Hall, Ostad Shahryar St. Hafez Ave.
Fax: (+9821)66725316
Tel: (+9821)66725316 & 66708861

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